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When I went online that night, I never expected to make a new friend, and certainly didn't realize that someday we'd get married.

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2010-11-04 12:23:52 / Rating: 630.75 /

too much internet

Getting paid to goof off really isn't as awesome as you would think.

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2010-03-13 22:23:48 / Rating: 582 /


It took a stalker to realize that maybe I shouldn't be naked on the internet anymore.

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2009-03-10 11:16:31 / Rating: 459.5 /

written in the sand

We promised ourselves we'd wait until our fifth wedding anniversary to tell our families we met in a porn chatroom.

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2009-03-06 13:30:02 / Rating: 1051.5 /


It took the internet to find out about my uncle's successful career in porn.

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2009-01-29 10:52:59 / Rating: 665.5 /


I asked my friend if I could use his computer for a second only to find the words "how to properly pick your nose" in the google search queue.

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2009-01-12 15:26:37 / Rating: 566.25 /


I think my cousin is hitting on me over MSN Messenger.

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2008-03-19 09:48:41 / Rating: 534.25 /

Probably Not Okay

My online dating service matched me with my cousin.

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2007-12-31 11:50:31 / Rating: 3644.5 /

Don't Fall In Love

You tried to keep your secret from me for so long, but who knew that I would have discovered it online?

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2007-11-24 18:28:04 / Rating: 487.25 /


Instead of a birthday, I got a "found naked pictures of his female online friends on our computer"-day.

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2007-07-23 13:21:31 / Rating: 707.25 /


I lost my virginity to an older man whom I met off the internet, then he left me.

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2007-06-18 23:53:45 / Rating: 455.25 /


After Livejournal Strikeout '07, I realized that fangirls could easily be mobilized into a killing machine if you told them that the Iraqis took away their Harry Potter porn.

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2007-06-01 11:31:21 / Rating: 536.75 /


We've been chatting for more than 3 years now, yet in the back of my mind I always think of the posibility that he could be an internet pedophile.

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2007-04-05 16:52:11 / Rating: 620.75 /