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UPS called to notify me that the chains for my tires to get me through the ice storm would not be delivered yet due to adverse weather conditions.

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2011-02-01 10:49:27 / Rating: 743.5 /

Half Full

It was after I bought my new teapot that I realized I don't actually like tea, I just like to go through the steps of making it.

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2010-11-01 12:15:41 / Rating: 343.25 /


My husband informed me that he isn't a kid anymore because he eats his snack packs with a spoon.

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2009-06-19 16:28:05 / Rating: 578.75 /


I find it ironic that the day you stopped loving me, the heart-shaped locket you'd given me wouldn't close and just hung open, looking like a broken heart.

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2009-04-27 15:37:12 / Rating: 677 /


On Valentine's Day, five years ago, I was in the heart wing of a hospital because the caffeine in all of the chocolate candy I had eaten threw my heart out of rhythm.

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2009-01-02 12:54:52 / Rating: 473 /


My parents believed that black and white people were equal until I started dating a black man.

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2008-04-23 14:54:12 / Rating: 730.25 /


I once thought that not growing up sick would make me a better person, but then I learned that the opposite was true.

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2006-12-22 00:31:34 / Rating: 707.25 /