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After a small congratulatory yay for Hawaii's gay rights, I learned that coming out to my dad wouldn't just cost me another guilt tripping lecture, but the right to call him dad.

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2012-01-04 13:06:25 / Rating: 250.75 /

lakeshore drive

I had always wanted to meet your family, but never under these circumstances.

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2011-11-28 21:29:54 / Rating: 403.75 /


When my religious grandmother told me that she thought it was "disgusting for gays to marry," I realized that she would never come to my wedding.

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2011-08-24 19:29:56 / Rating: 726.75 /


I found out that Don't Ask, Don't Tell had been repealed two hours after I came out to my little sister.

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2010-12-19 22:22:23 / Rating: 634 /


I decided to go big when coming out to my family by revealing all at the same time that I'm lesbian, agnostic, vegan, and I work for a phone sex hotline.

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2010-12-06 15:08:50 / Rating: 1100 /


I cried when I saw that my girlfriend's mum added photos of me and my girlfriend to her family album.

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2010-09-23 13:33:55 / Rating: 818 /


I realized I had probably picked the wrong religion when the priest, a week after he had read my essay about acceptance and respect of all people out loud to the class, told me that I would go to hell after I told him I was gay.

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2010-08-17 14:34:05 / Rating: 683.5 /


When I came out to my dad, he was majorly pissed that I had found a loophole in the "No boys 'till you're 27" rule.

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2010-07-14 09:25:06 / Rating: 1158.25 /


I came out to my family over 6 years ago and the most painful reaction came from my father who said, "I thought you were smarter than that."

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2010-01-22 09:14:03 / Rating: 500.25 /


Even while we were making out that first night, the planner in me couldn't help but worry about the future of our relationship.

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2009-12-30 08:54:34 / Rating: 442.75 /


I disliked my coworker when I found out she was fiercely homophobic, but it became serious when I found out she also hated the Beatles.

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2009-10-27 12:48:50 / Rating: 949 /

Ally S.

Our first kiss seemed to have perfect timing, immediately after her accidental elbow to my forehead.

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2009-05-19 08:39:24 / Rating: 638.25 /

Disappointment of a daughter

She was more upset when I told her I was a vegetarian than when I told her I was a lesbian.

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2009-03-11 13:24:40 / Rating: 644.75 /


Somehow, I think she would have preferred I said "lesbian" rather than "Wiccan."

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2009-03-09 12:38:57 / Rating: 459.25 /


Not a week after I got my first girlfriend, my sister got her's.

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2009-01-30 14:46:00 / Rating: 869.5 /


She kissed me in the parking lot of the Mormon church, and all the cars drove by slowly, honking their horns.

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2008-12-31 12:43:34 / Rating: 810 /


You know you are too much of a people-pleaser when you, a straight girl, hook up with a lesbian who is into you and pretend to really like it so you don't hurt her feelings.

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2008-08-06 16:33:50 / Rating: 925 /


This year, on my birthday, I will eat alone at the restaurant where I spent my happiest birthday which eventually turned into the birthday which made me despise birthdays.

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2008-04-07 14:31:29 / Rating: 797.5 /


I came out on Facebook.

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2008-03-10 10:16:14 / Rating: 787.5 /


My husband's biggest fear is that I'm going to leave him for a woman or a black man.

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2008-03-07 16:52:30 / Rating: 522.5 /


If I'd known it was possible to be a lesbian, I never would have dated him.

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2008-03-06 11:45:24 / Rating: 530 /


She caught me watching lesbian porn and now hasn't spent the night in our room in two weeks.

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2008-01-22 18:12:55 / Rating: 543 /

bi-curious straight girl

Eyeing the intriguingly attractive girl in line, it took me a moment to remember that it's almost impossible to find lesbians in birth control clinics.

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2007-12-07 15:04:42 / Rating: 830 /


The first time I saw her put maple syrup on her popcorn I knew I loved her.

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2007-10-30 14:17:32 / Rating: 721.25 /


I love watching people's faces as they realize that when I'm talking about my parents, it's not Mom and Dad but Mom and Deb.

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2007-10-25 10:35:43 / Rating: 742.5 /


I left my ex-wife for her and then later she left me for my ex-wife.

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2007-09-19 15:04:27 / Rating: 948.25 /


I wished I would have kissed you in front of my mother, just to show her that her God-fearing ways haven't affected me.

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2007-09-18 13:13:27 / Rating: 778.5 /


We've been together for three years, but we don't consider ourselves lesbians.

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2007-09-11 12:57:54 / Rating: 629.5 /

Martha Danskin

Despite coming out as a lesbian more than 10 years ago, the straight girl in me still dwells on memories of Chris and Mike and Kevin and wonders if they ever think about me.

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2007-07-16 15:26:44 / Rating: 529.75 /


I knew I was gay when I got my lip pierced just so I wouldn't have to kiss my boyfriend while I worked up the nerve to break up with him.

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2007-06-15 22:52:34 / Rating: 775 /


Because she never found it we agreed to assume that I had accidentally swallowed her earring that frosty evening during our first embrace at the bus depot.

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2007-04-16 12:45:39 / Rating: 540 /


Falling in love with a homophobe was probably the stupidest thing I've ever done.

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2007-01-22 12:39:58 / Rating: 708 /


The worst thing about secret girlfriends is that when they get hit by cars you're not supposed to cry.

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2006-11-05 14:09:01 / Rating: 4611.5 /