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The sadness and disappointment in my father's voice once I told him I killed the crab moved me to tears.

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2008-07-18 01:28:34 / Rating: 658.5 /

little c

I should have been watching the intersection instead of the light.

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2007-07-13 10:25:33 / Rating: 677.25 /

The average man

As a kid ,I was burning bugs with a magnifying glass when my playmate's father took the glass, zeroed it in on my hand and asked "Do you want to know what the bugs feel"?

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2007-05-30 13:36:38 / Rating: 806.5 /


I once thought that not growing up sick would make me a better person, but then I learned that the opposite was true.

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2006-12-22 00:31:34 / Rating: 717.75 /

Pocketwatch Pope

It wasn't until the next day that they found out they had both called me at the same time and that, if they hadn't, none of us would have been alive to realize it.

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2006-11-05 11:42:39 / Rating: 690.25 /


After progressing from a language lesson consisting of pointing to body parts and announcing the proper vocabulary, my elderly teacher pulled up her skirt, bared herself utterly, and in the dim light, completed her lesson.

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2006-08-18 16:26:11 / Rating: 446.5 /