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I'd broken it, and after hastily putting it back together I waited until the cat brushed by so I could watch it fall again.

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2009-12-07 16:47:01 / Rating: 486 /


I lied to them when I said I found my keys at the park because I didn't want to admit my own stupidity at having accidentally dropped them into my bag of carrots.

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2008-08-12 15:03:04 / Rating: 531.25 /


The day he beat me into unconsciousness was the day I learned to lie to my mom.

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2008-07-25 11:07:38 / Rating: 750.25 /


My "friends" must think I have problems with my stomach because all they ever hear is, "Sorry I missed your call 'cuz I was in the bathroom."

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2007-10-05 10:23:53 / Rating: 555.25 /