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I called your mom and wept for the first time in a decade because I felt like she was mine.

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2012-02-16 13:28:22 / Rating: 375.75 /


After listening to him talk about a bunch of people I didn't know for over an hour, I finally told him how I was feeling, but when I looked up to gauge his reaction, I realised he was sending a message on his Blackberry.

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2010-12-22 13:10:05 / Rating: 494.5 /


When my family asked me why I tried to kill myself I threw them out of the hospital room telling them to come back when they had the answer, but even now I can hear them arguing loudly in the hallway and I know they'll never figure out the reason.

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2010-11-22 15:57:19 / Rating: 700.75 /

Cat obsessed

My vacation is ruined knowing that 1,800 miles away my cat pooped on the living-room floor.

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2009-10-26 16:17:01 / Rating: 494 /

Lonely in Black

It really sucked that my only friend among the dozens of people there was the one in the casket.

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2009-05-04 11:37:16 / Rating: 921.75 /


The best conversation I've had in six months is when the girl I love and I copy-and-pasted One Sentences to each other through AIM.

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2009-04-27 15:22:01 / Rating: 494.75 /

Toe Jammed

I drunk dialed a wrong number and had one of the most enjoyable conversations I have ever had.

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2008-11-18 13:53:28 / Rating: 745.75 /

Military Wife

As I walked away from the airport alone with my head held high, shoulders back, and eyes red from crying, I finally knew what it meant to be a military wife.

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2008-11-13 13:07:01 / Rating: 742 /


The Sufjan Stevens-induced ecstasy flashback made me realize how much I disliked my life in an unaltered state.

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2008-08-19 14:46:59 / Rating: 641.75 /

Hours away from people that love me

With all the tags for "college" I finally feel connected to my age group.

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2008-02-06 13:37:15 / Rating: 685.75 /


Moving from Los Angeles to a town not even noted on any major map has made me realize that when it comes down to it, we are all alone.

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2007-11-26 12:35:13 / Rating: 597.5 /


When I get scared at night, I look out at the fisherman's boat and feel safe knowing I am not alone.

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2007-10-23 11:55:45 / Rating: 360.5 /


I find fictional characters to be better than real people because fictional characters are whatever I want them to be.

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2007-10-08 17:33:49 / Rating: 588.5 /

Loneliest of men

What if, for me, socializing has sincerely become a chore, a burden to have to deal with during times when I can't enjoy solitude?

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2007-09-28 17:07:43 / Rating: 847.5 /


I'd never been as bored as I was on our first date, but I'm taking her out again tomorrow night so that I don't need to be alone.

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2007-09-11 12:56:02 / Rating: 526.75 /


It's the emptiest feeling in the world when you know your friends are out having fun, and you are at your dining room table, weeping and scrapbooking.

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2007-06-08 17:57:52 / Rating: 574.25 /


After watching the movie and realizing how lonely I was, I seriously considered hiring a tutor just to see what it would lead to.

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2007-04-03 14:42:10 / Rating: 468.5 /


Today, I went to a store and bought a fancy wallet to match an organizer someone in the office said they really liked.

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2007-03-20 16:40:12 / Rating: 446 /


The work week seems to be a repeating blip that echoes a nasty scratch on the record of life.

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2007-02-12 12:32:42 / Rating: 1007 /


In this empty house I called home, it was there I knew I was to be lonely the rest of my life.

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2006-12-21 14:51:49 / Rating: 397.75 /


When I read that the moon is moving away from the Earth at a rate of an inch a year, I knew one day too it would abandon me.

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2006-09-11 23:18:21 / Rating: 953 /