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I couldn't stop staring at his crotch as we sorted concrete mixes in the lab.

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2008-07-01 15:03:20 / Rating: 563.75 /

MJ Hawk

Every time he tells me that by not making a choice I am actually making a choice, I want to take his face and grind it into the floor before tearing his clothes off and smothering him with kisses.

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2007-08-21 09:58:03 / Rating: 658.25 /


If I would have known inviting you into my bedroom would make you turn the invitations to the rest of my rooms down, I wouldn't have been so hospitable.

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2007-06-15 13:48:38 / Rating: 696 /


After being duped into thinking a hot girl actually was interested in me, that hooker stole my weed.

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2006-11-16 09:44:16 / Rating: 784 /


The only thing I think about when I sleep with my boyfriend is how much I wish he were my cousin.

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2006-10-18 14:28:03 / Rating: 667.75 /


It was wrong when I fell in love with my sexy cousin, but it was gross when I found out she was actually my sister.

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2006-10-01 23:26:24 / Rating: 862 /

Jared Seth

A stunning woman in a sexy little sundress got on the subway, and for just a moment I forgot to breathe.

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2006-09-15 16:18:51 / Rating: 1263.5 /