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That night, our game of fugitive ended in an actual cop chase.

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... it's called a "corsage".

He inadvertently showed up with a croissant on prom night, and trying to keep with tradition, asked to tie it to his giggling date’s wrist.

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2011-05-17 10:36:27 / Rating: 834.25 /

Oliver's Army

Imagine my embarrassment, when losing patience with the deli woman's consistently nodding 'No' to my food orders, when I discovered she had Parkinson's.

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When he told his four-year-old daughter that the doctor just needed to look at her eyes to make sure they were okay, she whispered, "Will he put them back in when he's done looking at them?"

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She meant to say "You crack me up," but the words escaped as "You creep me out."

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2008-02-08 16:50:28 / Rating: 681 /


Visiting Virginia, I thought the grocery clerk was calling my newborn son precious when in fact she was telling me in her southern drawl to "press yes" on the keypad.

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I was so desperate for human affection that I had alienated all of my friends in the process.

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