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My mother believed I seduced her husband, even though my stepfather had me pinned to the bed, his hand over my mouth so I wouldn't scream.

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My mother cooked our Thanksgiving dinner on the kitchen counter that I sat on butt-naked, last night, as my tea brewed.

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Her four-year-old daughter turned to me from her spot in the tree and said, "Climbing trees is more fun than losing mothers."

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As my mom drove away, after backing into the corner of our fenced in yard with our 15-passenger van, she yelled at us, "FIX THE FENCE!"

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My mom frantically searched for me around the house to finally find me finishing off a big stick of butter.

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Obsessive if it doesn't matter

My mother didn't realize that teaching me to fight, shoot, and play pool made it hard to find a boyfriend without tattoos.

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Answering the door to trick-or-treaters in all her hairless chemo glory, my mother has inspired me more than she could ever imagine.

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Murphy's Lawyer

His whole group was delayed at the Thailand airport for a day because he didn't know what suitcase his mother packed his clothes in.

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"Sorry, sweetie," Mom said as she used some napkins to wipe the elephant snot off my forearm, "but he took all your peanuts."

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When I was 12 my mom told me that I should sleep with as many men as possible.

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