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They moved to Hawaii

He and his friends teased me, so I said "Your mom doesn't love you", never knowing that his dad would murder her three weeks later.

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2013-07-09 18:52:11 / Rating: 156.75 /

Is it wrong?

I joined the army simply so I could legally murder a human being.

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2012-10-28 00:05:47 / Rating: 786 /


I had to stop reading "Miss Lonelyhearts" when Nathanael West used the same words the LA Times used to describe your murder.

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2009-10-26 13:38:03 / Rating: 284.75 /


A long time ago, a Czech immigrant joined a foreign naval force, jumped ship in America, killed a man in a bar fight, was sent to a chain gang in the south, then fell in love with and was broken out by my Cherokee great-grandmother.

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2009-07-27 20:11:00 / Rating: 935.25 /


The most prominent memory I have of my grandmother is the night she tried to kill me.

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2009-05-08 12:46:51 / Rating: 750.75 /


I happened to stumble onto the murder scene of the Turkish military attache in Ottawa, Ontario in August 1982, five minutes after it happened.

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2009-02-17 13:41:05 / Rating: 375.25 /


I only realized how strange my life was when I received a full scholarship for having a father in prison for murder.

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2009-01-28 12:27:26 / Rating: 909.25 /

friend of a friend

I stumbled upon a DVD of yours in our collection and put it aside to give back, only to find out moments later that you were dead.

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2008-08-11 16:32:18 / Rating: 842 /


Thanks to me my best friend hasn't killed himself yet, but when I burn out and stop trying for him he'll kill two other people, then himself.

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2008-06-04 09:48:09 / Rating: 545.5 /


Today I've identified 15 objects on my desk that could kill a person.

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2008-04-25 10:37:37 / Rating: 820.5 /

Lo and behold

The way he pronounced "gyros" made me want to strangle him, which he knew, so he said it as often as possible.

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2007-11-02 14:40:38 / Rating: 507.25 /


I still believe it was you who killed the cat.

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2007-07-10 14:20:44 / Rating: 482.75 /


It wasn't suicide.

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2006-11-21 09:52:25 / Rating: 750 /


I'd gone to bed really annoyed about failing to find the party to crash, but in the morning when we heard about the double murder, I clearly remember that my first thought was that bad luck is often good luck in disguise.

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2006-10-17 15:05:54 / Rating: 568.25 /


Grasshoppers need their hind legs to live.

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2006-10-03 10:43:15 / Rating: 686.75 /