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I will always wonder what my grandfather would've written, had he known that glittery, four dollar card would be the last thing he'd ever communicate to me.

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2011-01-13 14:26:36 / Rating: 530.5 /


Even though my hamster died a year ago, I still find her food seeds in my bed every morning.

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2009-10-19 14:49:53 / Rating: 280 /


Every time I have to ask what I did last night I feel like Sherlock Holmes.

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2008-09-08 10:55:06 / Rating: 551.5 /


She thought I was looking at myself in the mirror, but I was actually flirting with another girl from across the room whose ass and eyes I caught in the reflection.

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2007-12-27 12:25:39 / Rating: 794.5 /


She was about ten feet away when she turned quickly to face me and said, "Why can't you come too?"

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2007-03-21 17:50:44 / Rating: 574 /


I thought I was going to have to find the ancient abandoned palace complex on my own until a local with whom I didn't share a common language offered to show me the way, up a steep hill and past some chickens and goats.

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2006-08-23 20:34:46 / Rating: 479.25 /