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After one friend told me I'd get pneumonia and the other two decided on hypothermia, I did it out of spite.

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2008-04-21 13:56:43 / Rating: 457 /

Cinnamon Stillwater

I don't know if it was the alcohol, the darkness or the rush to put my clothing back on that made me fall onto the cactus.

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2008-04-10 14:56:44 / Rating: 873.5 /


Before that night, I'd thought it was only in movies that people could dance in the rain and not care how wet they got.

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2008-03-03 13:01:29 / Rating: 669 /

The Guru

Eating--alone--the warm brownie covered by cold vanilla ice cream and smothered with thick chocolate syrup sure beat finding the highway in the dark.

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2007-11-09 11:05:10 / Rating: 539 /


It wasn't until I sat up in bed the other night questioning our relationship that I noticed the light that was coming in through the blinds fell across my chest like a prison uniform.

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2007-10-02 10:25:39 / Rating: 657.5 /


It was the night that I learned to sniff before taking a swig.

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2007-05-23 13:17:32 / Rating: 377 /

An obedient little man

I spent hours driving aimlessly that night, so I could feel free for a change.

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2007-04-11 10:40:48 / Rating: 569.25 /


She stood by the gate on the blackest of nights and listened for the sound of at least creaking, but she did not hear even the fluttering of a moth against the unfinished wood.

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2006-10-11 11:35:52 / Rating: 364.5 /