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An Introvert at Sea

I hear stories of people lost at sea or on a desert island for weeks or months and often wish I could get to that level of solitude.

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2013-04-14 19:52:57 / Rating: 357.25 /


After one friend told me I'd get pneumonia and the other two decided on hypothermia, I did it out of spite.

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2008-04-21 13:56:43 / Rating: 457 /

taper jean girl

My best friend looked out at the ocean, back at the shore and then at me, and asked "What happened to our clothes?"

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2007-10-22 13:56:11 / Rating: 757 /

Im not an evil pagan!

I was practicing a pagan ritual on a fairly empty beach when a young couple walked by, the woman said somewhat under her breath "satanism" and spat into the sand.

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2007-10-03 10:06:57 / Rating: 519.75 /

Michael Fomkin

I always remember the warm summer breeze on my face as a child, looking out towards the ocean some thirty years later the breeze found me once again.

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2007-05-17 13:50:07 / Rating: 589.75 /