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the little sister

He found her incoherent on the bathroom floor, and, not knowing what to do, sent her best friend a text that his phone auto-corrected to "She took all the pools."

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2013-07-31 18:41:28 / Rating: 251.25 /


Less than a year later, a cop in my health class was making an example of him by saying how stupid he was.

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2011-07-18 09:48:02 / Rating: 503.5 /


The 4am waitress at Shari's took better care of me during my overdose then my friends ever did the first time.

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2010-10-07 16:13:18 / Rating: 409 /


He always said we had "the world's longest running unrequited internet love" after 16 years of online friendship and flirting, but we never thought it'd be forever.

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2010-08-05 12:23:28 / Rating: 521.5 /


If my brother were not already dead I would kill him for what he has done to our family.

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2010-06-08 12:00:43 / Rating: 604.75 /


My grandma was waiting for my dad to take her to the hairdresser, but when he didn't show she went up to his room only to find empty wine bottles, pills, and him dead on the couch.

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2010-02-25 08:03:18 / Rating: 620.75 /

Lonely in Black

It really sucked that my only friend among the dozens of people there was the one in the casket.

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2009-05-04 11:37:16 / Rating: 920 /


A failed suicide attempt on Tuesday night makes it hard to care on Thursday when your boss is mad you stayed home sick on Wednesday.

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2008-08-22 13:56:03 / Rating: 1014.25 /


Had I gone back to sleep when I saw his number, he'd be dead, but I still feel like a bad friend.

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2007-09-18 13:13:54 / Rating: 793.75 /