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After reading every one sentence on here, I have finally found someone else who has fibromyalgia.

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2011-10-13 23:02:13 / Rating: 238.25 /

We All Know Who

When I asked her why he was out of her league her only response was, "Because I know he won't beat me."

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2011-09-30 09:28:11 / Rating: 527.25 /


Half of my family got me food while the other half paid for the dentist to make sure I couldn't eat any of it.

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2010-12-23 13:51:06 / Rating: 495 /


It wasn't until after I had gotten the worst sunburn of my life that I found my sunscreen.

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2010-08-31 12:11:13 / Rating: 309.5 /


He always said we had "the world's longest running unrequited internet love" after 16 years of online friendship and flirting, but we never thought it'd be forever.

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2010-08-05 12:23:28 / Rating: 521.5 /


At 22 my father carried me to my old bed, and cried as he tucked me in minding not to touch the bruises that were a road map of pain and abuse I had hidden from him for almost two years.

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2010-08-02 16:17:31 / Rating: 627.75 /


I wept when I found her keys tossed on the coffee table.

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2010-06-08 11:46:36 / Rating: 511.25 /

katla the dancer

Once the sweat dried, the blood clotted, and the bones healed, I got out onstage with my dance company and won best performance in the state of California.

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2010-05-17 14:44:18 / Rating: 470.5 /


I worked 8 hours today stocking a store, complete with lifting, bending, stretching, only to throw out my back while flushing the toilet at home.

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2010-05-11 14:40:03 / Rating: 585.75 /


As I waited in the emergency room, I tried to think of the best way to explain in one sentence how I ended up with a nail in my foot and a severe burn on my elbow.

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2010-03-30 14:56:56 / Rating: 351.75 /


Our height disparity was such that she had to stand on her tiptoes to place the blue marks showing where to pierce my nipple.

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2009-12-24 00:16:26 / Rating: 387.75 /


Good friends cover your naked ass when you throw your back out while in the shower, but best friends laugh hysterically and make grandma jokes first.

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2009-12-04 08:53:07 / Rating: 728.25 /


Unlikely activities where I've hurt myself: sitting down at a desk, getting up from a desk, getting in a car, playing guitar, using a broom.

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2009-07-21 09:56:53 / Rating: 477.25 /


"Oh, sorry," said the woman unenthusiastically as her 100 pound dog jumped with full force on my 5'0 frame.

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2009-05-20 14:10:31 / Rating: 425 /


The positive test confirmed that I was a mother, but bleeding at 5 weeks made sure I wouldnt hear being called "Mama" this time around.

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2009-04-30 09:23:07 / Rating: 666.25 /


The time I got my hand stuck in the blades of the electric stand mixer, resulting in pieces of bloody knuckle skin littering the dough, I seriously considered baking the cookies anyways.

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2009-04-07 14:08:37 / Rating: 507.5 /


I learned a valuable life leason tonight: never eat 50% discounted sushi.

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2009-03-19 08:57:16 / Rating: 553.5 /


When I was three, I thought my mom's hot curling iron was a popsicle.

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2008-10-28 12:12:48 / Rating: 686.5 /

AD's ex

After months of separation and pain, my wife, who was a high school teacher in North Carolina, invited me back home only to have a high school student in her bed when I arrived.

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2008-10-08 14:33:25 / Rating: 568.5 /


It's not every day you turn on talk radio to hear the boy you loved trashing the time you spent together.

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2008-09-29 13:47:59 / Rating: 685.25 /


A week after his death I got an email from my mother in law informing me that my father had hung himself in the basement of the house I grew up in, and she ended the letter with "I didn't call because I don't know how you would react to such terrible news."

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2008-06-06 17:10:02 / Rating: 653.75 /


I was fine until dad started crying before me.

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2008-05-20 15:11:17 / Rating: 616 /


I slammed my body into the hood of my truck on the night you died and the dent is still there.

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2008-02-13 13:18:54 / Rating: 911.75 /


My back tensed in anticipation of pain as I realized that wasn't the shower I just turned off, but the cold water.

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2007-12-07 14:58:12 / Rating: 625.5 /


Even now, five months later, I can still see the skidmarks on that stretch of highway.

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2007-11-24 18:31:14 / Rating: 589.75 /


I didn't know I was pregnant, but now that I've lost it, I won't ever tell him because I refuse to let a baby be a trump card.

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2007-09-26 01:06:25 / Rating: 736 /


When the ER doctor told me that I had broken my hand, I knew that punching the wall had been a bad idea.

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2007-08-06 17:07:22 / Rating: 590.5 /

the other son

After I read that email, I wished the pain in my stomach was a result of being punched rather than finding out that my father never really loved me.

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2007-07-11 12:57:28 / Rating: 656 /


Twelve years later and I still think someone from the prison is calling to tell me he has died.

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2007-06-26 16:59:04 / Rating: 809.5 /


Perhaps it was karmic retribution that in rising to hug my father goodbye, my kneecap dislocated, and I never got that hug.

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2007-06-26 16:57:03 / Rating: 890.5 /


Knowing that my miscarriage brought him relief is something I'm not sure I'll ever forget.

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2007-06-22 10:48:05 / Rating: 3237 /

The average man

As a kid ,I was burning bugs with a magnifying glass when my playmate's father took the glass, zeroed it in on my hand and asked "Do you want to know what the bugs feel"?

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2007-05-30 13:36:38 / Rating: 806.75 /


That quiet summer night in the emergency room was the first time I saw my father cry.

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2007-04-16 12:46:45 / Rating: 568 /


I didn't expect myself to survive to see the two year anniversary of the day they told me it had been a single bottle of pills that took her away.

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2007-02-23 09:15:51 / Rating: 891.25 /


I decided to never look at his MySpace page again.

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2007-01-25 11:28:03 / Rating: 942.5 /


You turned to look at your computer screen, and I knew that everything I had said meant about as much to you as your last game of solitaire.

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2007-01-23 09:52:09 / Rating: 557.75 /

MIA Robin

I was suddenly uninvited from my step daughter's wedding so the man who had brutalized her mother for 25 years could show up in a borrowed suit and later depart after the reception without even saying goodbye to anyone.

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2006-12-11 20:24:32 / Rating: 831.75 /


It was in equally shared tears of a naive teenaged girl that I realized that I too was rid of my childhood.

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2006-12-11 20:24:08 / Rating: 644.25 /


Then the doctor said the Crohn's is something you can live with, and that the stomach pain will be gone in a couple of days, but he was wrong.

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2006-12-05 14:31:40 / Rating: 525.25 /

Allen Strider

Three years of memories flooded my head and I gripped the couch while she drunkenly flirted with him all night, right in front of me, before I stormed out forever.

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2006-10-05 10:54:22 / Rating: 641 /


It was upon the waking with red knuckles and bruises... I realize, I'm addicted.

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2006-10-02 16:32:52 / Rating: 605.5 /


While the doctor talked about the pain my father was likely to experience after the back surgery, I noticed he had an erection.

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2006-09-29 22:00:58 / Rating: 659.75 /