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First Due

House fire with people trapped, turnout gear on, sirens wailing, the engine lurching through traffic, adrenaline flowing, I glance out the window and pass a little boy with the same look I had on my face when I decided to become a firefighter.

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2010-03-17 14:41:06 / Rating: 843 /


I've never been as proud as I was when I sat down and honestly said, "Yes, as a matter of fact, I HAVE been flossing."

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2008-09-10 14:41:23 / Rating: 727.5 /

Carrying the Banner

It was so not part of my plan to come out to my entire city on the 11 o'clock news.

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2008-06-10 10:33:19 / Rating: 836.75 /


I remember distinctly the last time my daddy told me he was proud of me, because I think that's the last time I'm ever going to hear it.

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2008-04-28 12:16:49 / Rating: 635.25 /


I'm so proud of my public urination ticket, I hung it on my wall.

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2008-04-23 14:57:02 / Rating: 544.75 /


Actually, I do know where that new dent in your car came from.

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2008-01-11 14:09:25 / Rating: 780.25 /

Theoretical Theory

Because I have an aversion to admitting weakness, I don't have the money to pay for next semester and my parents think it's already paid.

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2007-12-31 11:56:50 / Rating: 612.75 /


Today I ran three miles consecutively for the first time ever.

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2007-09-24 09:28:35 / Rating: 533.75 /


Visiting Virginia, I thought the grocery clerk was calling my newborn son precious when in fact she was telling me in her southern drawl to "press yes" on the keypad.

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2007-08-06 17:02:46 / Rating: 567.75 /


Today, I went to a store and bought a fancy wallet to match an organizer someone in the office said they really liked.

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2007-03-20 16:40:12 / Rating: 445 /


The car was packed and loaded, and with tears in my eyes I hugged my son and said goodbye.

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2006-12-10 13:14:36 / Rating: 796.5 /


I finally must confess that, despite all efforts, I can no longer bring myself to vote for even the most beautiful and touching "One Sentence" submission, because that would mean admitting that my own story was nothing more than average.

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2006-09-12 22:12:11 / Rating: 805 /