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One morning, I puked in my own lap while driving 75mph on a six-lane New Jersey thruway and the only thing I could do was keep driving, laugh, and call my mom.

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2013-08-07 21:30:03 / Rating: 214 /


The moment my little cousin stepped out into the aisle of the movie theater and painted the floor with lasagna, I knew all 20 of us were gonna taste lunch twice.

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2008-09-03 14:42:43 / Rating: 483.25 /


I gave a girl in high school a hand-drawn Valentine's card and she told her friends she was 'gonna puke', so my nickname was 'Chuck' after that.

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2008-01-23 11:59:54 / Rating: 551.5 /


Joanne had already inserted her card in the ATM when she realised that the keypad had been liberally thrown up on.

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2006-09-13 13:31:26 / Rating: 703.5 /


It was a mistake to leave Matt in the car to sober up, because it turns out he was in there puking a varitable mix of pure liquid alcohol and huge chunks of roast beef that made me ponder my chewing habits.

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