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Church Anxiety

The priest told me I was going to hell for being raped.

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2013-10-27 17:09:52 / Rating: 559 /

bury him instead

I wasn't allowed to attend my brother's funeral because my mother wanted the man who raped me there more.

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2013-09-04 16:29:59 / Rating: 411.25 /


My mother believed I seduced her husband, even though my stepfather had me pinned to the bed, his hand over my mouth so I wouldn't scream.

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2012-07-23 15:05:43 / Rating: 806.5 /


Despite my mother's vociferous insistence, self-esteem issues, and vicious beatings to the contrary, I still managed to escape childhood with the belief that it was not my fault that my dad molested me, right?

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2010-10-19 15:17:53 / Rating: 488.25 /


On my way home from the hospital, I was stopped at a red light only to see the man responsible for my stay at the other side.

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2010-09-23 13:34:23 / Rating: 344 /


The one I love is pregnant now, and I should be horrified and angry at their rapist, but somehow it's nice that we can have a kid despite my vasectomy.

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2010-06-08 11:45:13 / Rating: 558.25 /


Today, I found out my boyfriend was raped exactly one month ago through his post on a public blog.

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2009-05-26 13:42:51 / Rating: 578.25 /

For a whole year

The next morning, I told myself it wasn't rape if the next time was consensual, but I was wrong.

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2009-04-01 11:26:41 / Rating: 421.75 /


As my knife found his flesh, I never would have guessed that my would be rapist would later sue me for his medical bills.

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2009-03-11 13:24:13 / Rating: 862.5 /


It was disturbing to hear her say in an oddly cheerful voice, "I was raped last night."

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2009-03-05 11:26:39 / Rating: 397 /


The worst part about the rape is the way it's made the rest of my life about that one night.

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2009-02-02 11:52:09 / Rating: 908 /


Three days later, I couldn't see his eyes, only his sunglasses and smile, two things that he wasn't wearing when he tried to rape me.

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2009-01-12 15:25:06 / Rating: 538.75 /

1 out of the 6

I always tried to tell myself that it didn't matter, but it does.

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2008-10-21 16:46:51 / Rating: 454.75 /

1/6 of American women

I thought I could get over the experience until I started calling it "rape" in my head.

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2008-09-30 09:22:06 / Rating: 571 /


Her mother knew.

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2008-05-20 13:52:08 / Rating: 617.75 /

Regret Was Part Of Your Name

He molested my big sister and then 20 years later, he married my mom.

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2008-05-14 13:57:53 / Rating: 666.25 /


My current boyfriend saved me from being raped by my old boyfriend and he doesn't even know it.

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2008-04-23 14:55:52 / Rating: 648.75 /


I don't know if it qualified as rape, but I know it was wrong.

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2008-02-25 21:21:58 / Rating: 874.5 /


Nobody will ever believe that I lost my virginity to a rapist, because at the time I tried to deal with it by dating him for a month and pretending that it had all been my idea.

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2008-01-25 13:19:48 / Rating: 826 /

i dont live in a door

The rape is a lie, but I wish it happened so I had a real reason for hating him.

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2007-10-11 11:17:54 / Rating: 553.5 /


My rapist went to jail and was released early for "good behavior.".

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2007-10-10 13:34:25 / Rating: 932 /


I was an 18-year-old virgin when I was raped by a married Mexican in a Cancun nightclub.

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2007-06-19 17:15:25 / Rating: 631.75 /

Please don't.

I told them all I was raped, when the only assault that occured was that of my mind against my body.

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2006-12-27 11:54:06 / Rating: 503.75 /


I can't forgive my father.

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2006-11-13 14:19:48 / Rating: 728.25 /


I was only fourteen.

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2006-09-27 09:50:22 / Rating: 2289 /