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After driving 3 hours in traffic and missing Mother's Day with my own children to take my mother to lunch, it was wholly disheartening to hear that she has decided that all of her past life was terrible and she is only living for herself.

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2011-05-10 15:21:30 / Rating: 600.25 /

Unpublished Novelist

I've learned to deal with rejection letters, but it's just not right to open one and get a papercut.

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While still 24, when I broke the news of the year to my father that I had fallen in love with this 48 year old beautiful woman, dismissively he responded, "Isn't one mom sufficient?"

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It was only when she recoiled with horror in her eyes that I realized how completely I had misread her signals.

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2009-08-18 09:59:08 / Rating: 575.5 /

My Rank in Middle School

My only crush in the seventh grade rejected me in an overkill fashion, "I'm like the frog on the lily pad, and you are like the dirt at the bottom of the lake," he said.

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And after I confessed my love for him, he stated that he was flattered and we changed the subject.

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The number two student in my class of over 600, I felt my self-worth diminish rapidly as Columbia, Brown, and Princeton all decided I wasn't good enough.

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