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Symbolic of our relationship, we high fived after losing our virginities to one another.

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2013-09-18 06:41:37 / Rating: 370.25 /

His Girl

“You,” he told me, standing in the dark on the dock at his cottage, watching falling stars, “are the best part of my summer.”

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2013-04-14 19:53:09 / Rating: 479.5 /

C.S. Rodriguez

Your voice crossed the ocean on a telephone wire to ask if I was happy, and I was grateful you couldn't see the lie on my face when I told you that I was.

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2012-05-15 15:28:51 / Rating: 647.25 /


It was only on the drive home that I realized that the woman I was trying to woo held the handshake just a little too long.

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2011-03-09 10:48:30 / Rating: 556 /

Jasmine Lei

One year later, I still haven't told you that dinner with you on our first date was a major step to recovering from my eating disorder.

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2010-12-09 08:49:26 / Rating: 997.25 /


I left his apartment smelling like every CD he ever lent me.

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2010-05-05 14:30:14 / Rating: 373 /

No Getting Over

In almost three years of not seeing her, I've swallowed oceans of booze, smoked cartons of cigarettes, slept with a dozen different women, been arrested twice, found God, fired God, and nearly died at the hands of five angry men; and I still can't get over her.

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2010-05-03 16:29:12 / Rating: 1235.25 /

Angela Alvarez

Faced with answering the phone or going to lunch I chose the phone with no way of knowing that the wrong number on the other end would someday be my husband.

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2010-05-03 13:46:58 / Rating: 1186 /


I was verbally and sexually abused, but my ex-boyfriend gave me the lasting issues.

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2010-02-01 11:15:43 / Rating: 359.75 /


Even while we were making out that first night, the planner in me couldn't help but worry about the future of our relationship.

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2009-12-30 08:54:34 / Rating: 441.75 /

Miss not Mrs

As he gently caressed me his video game shouted out, "HOSTILE CONTACT!"

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2009-12-15 22:37:06 / Rating: 892.5 /

Still Romantic

While my husband (then boyfriend) proposed, I could see a man standing on a picnic table and peeing into the bushes in my peripheral vision - but it was the best night of my life all the same.

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2009-06-23 09:49:48 / Rating: 688.5 /


As I looked across the table at my husband and his new boyfriend, I found myself oddly happy for them.

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2009-03-13 15:41:17 / Rating: 1151.75 /

written in the sand

We promised ourselves we'd wait until our fifth wedding anniversary to tell our families we met in a porn chatroom.

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2009-03-06 13:30:02 / Rating: 1051.5 /

The guy wearing the bowler hat

Ten years ago, I laughingly swore that I would never date anyone with the same name as me, and ten days ago, I happily broke this vow.

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2009-01-21 15:02:30 / Rating: 617.25 /


We didn't wait till our wedding night and we were a little late for our reception.

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2009-01-19 15:10:37 / Rating: 1114.5 /


He gave me a pair of shiny diamonds for Christmas, but I would have preferred a pair of shiny running shoes.

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2009-01-14 09:10:29 / Rating: 457.25 /


Our first kiss tasted of Lucky Charms.

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2008-12-19 11:40:08 / Rating: 763.5 /


I wasn't sure if him calling the local radio to talk to their psychic about me after 3 dates was cute or creepy.

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2008-12-04 13:15:12 / Rating: 533.5 /


The most romantic moment of my life ended with the word "boner."

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2008-04-30 14:52:26 / Rating: 865.5 /

Gou Tongzhi

Being mocked incessantly, every day, by your peers from the age of seven or so to the age of sixteen, changes you into the kind of person who can't muster up the courage to call a girl who might be willing to go out with you.

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2008-04-10 15:40:52 / Rating: 608 /


He said "Do you think you could help me with this riddle?" as he smiled and took my hand.

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2008-03-06 11:47:58 / Rating: 588 /

Just Me

After several hours of pondering and countless rough drafts, I waited until my young son was abed, plunked down my credit card to join the online dating site, and sent a painstakingly crafted email to that guy with the amazing profile.

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2008-02-12 12:35:13 / Rating: 586.25 /


I walked to my car after rehearsals to find a red rose laying on my windshield.

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2008-01-18 10:50:27 / Rating: 508.25 /


She thought I was looking at myself in the mirror, but I was actually flirting with another girl from across the room whose ass and eyes I caught in the reflection.

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2007-12-27 12:25:39 / Rating: 792.75 /


He laughed and told me I was still gorgeous after the freshly speared cuttlefish inked me in the face.

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2007-09-10 12:08:29 / Rating: 645 /

Doin' Her Thing

I can finally relate to the song "Summer Lovin," from Grease thanks to Captain Steve.

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2007-08-24 16:31:30 / Rating: 641.75 /


As I stared at his bare chest I had this uncanny desire to bite his nipples.

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2007-07-02 14:33:34 / Rating: 542.75 /

Missing: Love

I've never been on a plane but in September I'm flying 3,000 miles to meet a guy who makes me laugh and was arrested by the Mexican police.

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2007-06-07 09:32:34 / Rating: 698.25 /


As I stood outside watching my breath merge with the cold air and starlight, I realized that he will never need me as much as I need him to need me.

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2007-04-25 15:54:45 / Rating: 1206.25 /

The guy wearing the bowler hat

Why is it that when I turn 20, it's only 16 year-olds that hit on me?

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2007-03-28 17:06:40 / Rating: 656.25 /

Austin G

Sometimes after I dropped her off at her house I would come back and the bed would still be warm from us.

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2007-03-28 17:05:09 / Rating: 445.5 /


She was about ten feet away when she turned quickly to face me and said, "Why can't you come too?"

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2007-03-21 17:50:44 / Rating: 574 /

fallen phoenix

I am pregnant with my husband's child, so I will never get to be with the man who is the mirror of my soul.

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2007-02-23 09:16:49 / Rating: 796.5 /


We take showers together and never get clean.

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2006-09-28 09:57:38 / Rating: 703 /

Joke of a Romantic

As he was telling me over the phone that he didn't know me I came to the sinking realization that I couldn't live without him anymore.

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2006-09-27 13:43:46 / Rating: 832.25 /


His arrogance was as potent as my pride, but I would never have told him so, had he not kissed me first.

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2006-09-27 10:23:03 / Rating: 652.5 /


I got up the nerve to tell her I thought she was beautiful, and her reply was, "That's so sweet... but I'm married."

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2006-09-27 10:22:39 / Rating: 657.5 /

Steve Brettult

I'm happily married with a family, but I still pine for the girl who died in high school.

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2006-09-11 12:27:17 / Rating: 808.5 /

migrant picker

I once truly fell in love with an unseen friend-- who refused to meet me in real life, who became the object of my every desire, my muse, the reason I walked this planet-- with every cell of my heart.

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2006-09-09 13:58:29 / Rating: 1418.25 /


He was the one who hugged me, asked for a photo with me, danced with me, kissed me - and now I'm the one pursuing him.

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2006-08-22 09:44:55 / Rating: 691 /

A. Mouse

The first year she noticed me, the second year we spoke, the third we kissed, the fourth was just natural progression.

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2006-08-13 12:04:26 / Rating: 616 /