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I never knew you called my mother, begging to talk to me so many times, until a random conversation with her some 20 years later.

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2012-03-01 09:57:39 / Rating: 414.75 /


I walked away from you with a smile on my face, not because my heart wasn't breaking, but because it meant my secrets would be safe.

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2012-03-01 09:57:22 / Rating: 373.5 /

Obscure Chess Buddy

She never invited me to her father's funeral because she didn't think I knew him well enough but I never told her that, when she was at boarding school, I used to play chess with him every Saturday at 2:00 and lose.

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I know about my daughter's dishonesty from what I've read in her diary, which leaves me unable to take a moral stand against it.

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2010-10-25 14:19:02 / Rating: 427 /


A journal is good... until someone finds it.

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2010-08-02 13:41:36 / Rating: 596.25 /

One of Three, not two

Having met my secret sister who no one knows I know about, all my mom's clever little references didn't go unnoticed this holiday.

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2010-01-04 11:05:57 / Rating: 500 /

Sorry, dad.

After my mother judged me for what she discovered in my anonymous blog, for the first time in my life I understood why my father had left her and I forgave him.

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2009-09-22 14:24:29 / Rating: 543 /


Today, I found out my boyfriend was raped exactly one month ago through his post on a public blog.

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2009-05-26 13:42:51 / Rating: 578.25 /


Watching my grandfather play with my little cousins, I wondered if my aunt knew that he had molested my mother and their other sister.

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2009-04-27 15:25:28 / Rating: 574.25 /

I wonder what else I don't know

When I told my dad I'd misplaced my class ring, he told me his was lost 30 years ago when "a girl died in a car accident."

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2009-04-07 14:04:34 / Rating: 804.75 /

written in the sand

We promised ourselves we'd wait until our fifth wedding anniversary to tell our families we met in a porn chatroom.

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2009-03-06 13:30:02 / Rating: 1051.5 /

Mistaken confidentiality

An excited 3 AM call about his first homosexual experience in desperate confidentiality to June, was followed by my response of, "Um, you have the wrong number."

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2009-03-05 11:38:10 / Rating: 963.75 /


He was smiling at me until he realized that all he was ringing in for me was a box of laxatives.

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2008-07-07 10:35:22 / Rating: 463.25 /


I still believe that as long as nobody else knows about it, it didn't happen.

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2008-03-21 17:08:31 / Rating: 450.75 /


Actually, I do know where that new dent in your car came from.

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2008-01-11 14:09:25 / Rating: 780 /


I didn't want my mother to know that I had cut myself again, so after trying (and failing) to cover it up with makeup I scratched at that area until it turned red and pretended that it was an eczema rash.

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2007-10-03 10:01:16 / Rating: 554 /

The Lonely Programmer

I wanted to tell the world a secret, so I made an anonymous secret website to hide who I am.

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2007-10-01 09:58:05 / Rating: 462.75 /


I had sex with her boyfriend and I haven't the heart to tell her.

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2007-03-27 14:03:09 / Rating: 651 /


The worst thing about secret girlfriends is that when they get hit by cars you're not supposed to cry.

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2006-11-05 14:09:01 / Rating: 4611.5 /


when i told him i liked him, i worried it would be the end of our friendship, but instead it was the beginning of something so much more wonderful.

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2006-09-06 15:34:33 / Rating: 793.5 /