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I tried to ignore the fact that I was alone in my dorm on a Saturday night and focused my energy into color-coding the rest of my shoes.

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2008-10-06 13:10:03 / Rating: 605 /


Searching for the runaway horses by bike seemed like a good idea until I found myself stranded with two horses, a bicycle, and no shoes.

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2008-07-21 15:37:19 / Rating: 631 /


Walking home in the pouring rain was not the best time to discover a hole in my shoe.

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2008-06-13 13:39:44 / Rating: 447 /

The Bowler Cap Fairy

I was so humiliated I didn't wear them for three years, because I found out that they were fashionable and made by starving foreign kids.

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2008-03-27 20:33:45 / Rating: 415.75 /


Was Stuart worth the blood in my shoes?

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2007-09-13 14:29:08 / Rating: 539.25 /


I found you asleep cuddling with my best friend, so I stole your shoes and buried them in the snow.

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2007-01-25 11:31:56 / Rating: 731.75 /


I love tall spikey shoes but I broke my ankle.

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2006-10-11 11:25:13 / Rating: 454 /