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I spent the night of my cousin's wedding on an air mattress in my auntie's living room, taking turns with my little brother puking in a pot.

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2009-12-24 00:14:32 / Rating: 521.25 /

No Really, I am a girl

After letting the cute Whole Foods checkout boy know that I only sounded like a chain-smoking twelve year old going through puberty because I was sick, he simply nodded solemnly and told me to try the Kombucha.

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2009-11-10 09:23:46 / Rating: 245.5 /


There is no cool way to puke.

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2009-06-22 15:27:22 / Rating: 580.5 /

what to do...

I soon discovered that thinking, "Don't puke, don't puke" does not prevent one from puking in the middle of a final exam in front of 400 people.

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2009-03-13 15:41:09 / Rating: 767.5 /

never the same

I watched her tiny tummy sucking in, her skin pulling tight against her ribs, her hand involuntarily closing on my index finger as she struggled for every breath, and I thought, "One day, is one day too much to ask?"

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2008-12-22 15:51:17 / Rating: 1096.25 /


A failed suicide attempt on Tuesday night makes it hard to care on Thursday when your boss is mad you stayed home sick on Wednesday.

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2008-08-22 13:56:03 / Rating: 1013.25 /


When my "flu" suddenly caused my breasts to swell and become sore, I realized it may actually be morning sickness.

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2008-07-16 16:15:06 / Rating: 477 /


When the doctor told me I had strep throat, I knew it was time to confront my roommate about her illicit use of my toothbrush.

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2008-06-09 12:16:57 / Rating: 416.75 /


As soon as I left the office, I realized two things: I was going to throw up, and it would taste like peanut butter.

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2008-03-26 13:25:34 / Rating: 488 /


I gave my mother mono because I secretly drank out of the cartoon of orange juice and put it back in the fridge.

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2008-02-05 10:36:16 / Rating: 595 /


My five-year-old explained that he couldn't get out of bed because he was too sick, he "haves a cold AND a hot."

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2007-06-15 13:37:39 / Rating: 625 /


I once thought that not growing up sick would make me a better person, but then I learned that the opposite was true.

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2006-12-22 00:31:34 / Rating: 717.25 /


Well, I thought as I hit the floor in a daze, this is the last time I'll ever eat at *this* sushi bar.

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2006-10-30 15:01:48 / Rating: 682.5 /