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All my mom's kids have two middle names, but one of mine comes from a woman whose son set the fire that killed her in her sleep.

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2011-06-06 08:04:05 / Rating: 672.25 /


As a stripper, I never guessed we would be debating the preparation of ramen noodles in the private dance room.

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2011-06-02 14:18:09 / Rating: 601.25 /

I'm the guy from the blog

While waiting for a local gig to start, a stranger came up to me to say that he'd seen a photo of me on my blog that day.

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2010-05-24 15:26:07 / Rating: 405.25 /

e coli

My pit bull-rottweiler only eats cat treats and is scared of my eight pound cat.

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2009-06-29 14:03:01 / Rating: 722 /

Mystery Bullets

The following morning, no one could tell me how three hollow-point bullets ended up inside my coat pocket.

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2009-04-07 14:07:09 / Rating: 370.5 /

Timmy D

My dog doesn't understand daylight savings.

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2009-03-09 12:14:10 / Rating: 701.5 /


I've garnered two Emmy Awards plus two Associated Press awards and I'll always be known as the dude who hit the "perfect showcase bid" on The Price Is Right.

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2009-01-30 11:11:11 / Rating: 763 /

for Zandra

You know work is exciting when in the same week you can say, "I got attacked by an angry black midget" and "I was bitten by a lesbian stripper."

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2008-12-12 09:22:25 / Rating: 926 /


You know you've had too much sugar when your tears begin to smell like apple pie.

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2008-10-15 15:13:41 / Rating: 577.5 /

Heather Rose

As I woke up from my nap to find written on my feet "This is my momma and you can't have her," I realized that my child is very, very strange.

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2008-09-26 17:46:59 / Rating: 4518.25 /


I found out, for some odd reason, my printer speaks in Spanish.

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2008-08-26 10:15:05 / Rating: 437 /


When she introduced herself, we were in the ladies locker room and we were both nude.

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2007-09-26 01:06:59 / Rating: 375.5 /


My face looks exactly like my mother's did, before a head-on collision with a drunk driver led to her complete facial reconstructive surgery.

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2007-08-28 23:09:46 / Rating: 643.5 /

Tom Mar Caribe

Seriously, within the four or five months that I worked at a small accounting firm, a CPA died suddenly of cancer, one of the secretaries had a miscarriage, and the other CPA's husband was found by his mother after having died of auto-erotic asphyxiation.

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2007-04-11 10:40:30 / Rating: 616.75 /


I think my ex-boyfriend might be on this site too.

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2007-03-30 11:25:26 / Rating: 554.75 /


I can't describe it, but it was the strangest feeling when I realized I was alone in a dermatologist's office reading Kurt Vonnegut's "Fates Worse Than Death."

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2006-11-01 16:19:53 / Rating: 530.75 /