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Symbolic of our relationship, we high fived after losing our virginities to one another.

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That night, our game of fugitive ended in an actual cop chase.

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Today, I looked at my body and wished for the body I had two years ago, back when this was the body I wanted.

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When I came home late and found the lawnmower in my bed, I realized my dad wasn't kidding when he said he wanted the grass mowed "today."

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And then her grandmother walked in and just started laughing!

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Fred died less than sixteen hours after he attended our concert, after which he had repeatedly told us how well we'd done.

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I didn't wimp out on a pact that Matt and I made to jump off a bridge the night before our high school graduation, and I survived a 35 foot jump into three feet of water with no scratches and one seriously sore coccyx.

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2006-06-27 17:37:58 / Rating: 704.25 /

Melissa Lyttle

life was so much simpler when i could go peeling through the neighborhood on my bmx bike, topless, with all the boys and not feel an ounce of embarassment, then puberty came and messed everything up.

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when i was 14 i totalled the family riding mower.

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