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Eric John LoPresti

This Thanksgiving went from eating pecan pie, to sifting through KKK memorabilia from the 1920s and 30s with my stepmom's famiy.

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2011-11-24 21:33:48 / Rating: 204.75 /


I found out the hard way that cucumbers are flammable.

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2009-04-14 12:29:42 / Rating: 440.5 /


You know you've had too much sugar when your tears begin to smell like apple pie.

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2008-10-15 15:13:41 / Rating: 577.5 /


The moment my little cousin stepped out into the aisle of the movie theater and painted the floor with lasagna, I knew all 20 of us were gonna taste lunch twice.

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2008-09-03 14:42:43 / Rating: 483.25 /


He wouldn't eat the turkey, so we told him it was Thanksgiving Chicken.

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2007-11-27 09:54:13 / Rating: 550.75 /


It's been eight years this Thanksgiving, and they still sob over his death.

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2007-10-08 10:52:05 / Rating: 663.75 /