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Hurt more than it helped

A tip to my therapist: telling someone that their purges weren't frequent enough to qualify as bulimia may be true according to DSM IV standards, but it's still the opposite of helpful.

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2011-12-14 16:13:52 / Rating: 1507 /

ironic, huh?

My therapist thinks I should become a therapist.

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2011-03-04 09:53:47 / Rating: 762 /


I liked my therapist until he laughed uncontrollably for three minutes when I told him about an emotionally abusive event from my childhood.

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2011-01-27 15:50:06 / Rating: 408.5 /

Im sorry

I am ashamed that it took my daughter writing "therapy" on her birthday wishlist for me to realize that she needed help.

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2010-07-02 14:25:56 / Rating: 802.25 /


The same day i hear my therapist say "fuck" for the first time, I learn her cat's name is Sparkles.

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2010-06-25 11:11:32 / Rating: 466.25 /

not your average 18 year old

I have received a lot of things that most don't get by 18, PTSD, depression, therapy, violent fantasies, and suicidal thoughts, yet I still haven't had a girlfriend.

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2010-06-08 11:53:00 / Rating: 544 /


On my second visit, my therapist decided she needed to draw out my family tree to prove to me that coming to therapy was a brave thing to do given the divorce, addiction, lies and avoidance that were rampant in my past.

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2010-04-13 14:38:14 / Rating: 410.5 /


I spent an hour in my psychotherapist's office complaining about a boy and walked out to see him in the waiting room.

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2009-11-05 11:36:00 / Rating: 381.5 /


"Have you considered becoming a therapist?" asked my therapist.

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2009-02-12 11:29:28 / Rating: 678.5 /


I just told my therapist that I think she's really pretty.

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2008-12-08 17:29:12 / Rating: 339.25 /

"Now that hurt", I said.

My therapist was relatively quiet while I talked, until I mentioned that Paul Newman had died, which elicited from her a dramatic gasp.

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2008-09-29 13:45:11 / Rating: 587.5 /


"Kill myself" and "Kill it myself" have very different meanings and the typo earned me 30 hours of group therapy.

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2007-10-18 14:01:03 / Rating: 1020 /


All those years of play-threatening her with the kitchen knives sent her into therapy and the entire time I thought she knew I was kidding!

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2007-07-03 17:15:50 / Rating: 594.25 /


After years of therapy through many different theories and techniques, my final diagnosis is that I'm not, as suspected, crazy, but merely weird.

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2006-10-19 00:26:58 / Rating: 422 /


I wondered why I was having trouble grieving the death of my mother when the counselor figured out I had not grieved the death of HER mother only 12 years earlier.

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2006-09-11 21:50:59 / Rating: 872.25 /