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I worked 8 hours today stocking a store, complete with lifting, bending, stretching, only to throw out my back while flushing the toilet at home.

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2010-05-11 14:40:03 / Rating: 577.25 /


I knew we wouldn't last forever as soon as I realized she had an "open door" policy when using the bathroom.

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2009-04-10 12:51:08 / Rating: 503 /


I was sure my face was going into the toilet, but then he caught me and my heart at the same time.

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2008-02-19 12:57:52 / Rating: 541.75 /


After having to reach into the toilet more than once to retrieve my school ID, you would think I would have learned not to tuck it into my pajama pants

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2008-01-23 11:57:52 / Rating: 463.25 /


I don't know if I would have stayed with him all night comforting him while he puked his guts out into the toilet if I'd known that he wouldn't remember it the next morning.

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2006-08-29 07:39:42 / Rating: 687.5 /