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Two weeks after I told him I was too embarrassed to be naked in front of anyone, I was naked in his bed, and I still don't know how he did it.

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2009-03-27 14:17:20 / Rating: 886 /


Never could I have conceived that my own father would laugh at my kilt.

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2008-03-25 10:46:19 / Rating: 493.5 /

Shattered Image

When my "innocent" best friend decided to go as for as she did on her first date, it shattered the image I always held of her and simultaniously planted the doubts that destroyed the friendship we had built for ages.

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2008-01-25 13:16:21 / Rating: 496.75 /


I had never truly understood the taste of lemonade until I counted the number of times my name showed up in her diary.

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2008-01-14 17:23:34 / Rating: 665.75 /

how i'd like to be credited

To calm myself down, before I closed my eyes that night I said to myself, "You love him, he loves you, and that's all that really matters."

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2007-09-28 17:11:27 / Rating: 532 /


My trust in the postal system was destroyed the day we received dead cockroaches in the mail.

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2007-09-28 17:10:28 / Rating: 727.5 /


She's afraid of me cheating on her with my friend, and, admittedly, I wish I could.

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2007-05-17 13:48:27 / Rating: 617.5 /

Sociologist Tina

I fear that people would believe me to be a malingerer, and even my estranged father, upon hearing about the dilemma which my symptoms presented, commented, "I think you're allergic to work."

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2006-12-27 11:55:49 / Rating: 857 /

The Black Cat

When I told her that her friend thinks I am cheating on her, she laughed at me saying "She really knows nothing about the two of us."

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2006-10-24 10:24:59 / Rating: 460.75 /


While I sit here teary eyed, reading stories I could have written from my own life, I think "How many of these are actually true?"

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2006-10-07 21:23:38 / Rating: 612.5 /


In just those four words written on a brightly glowing computer screen, I realised that I'd lost the ability to trust anybody ever again.

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2006-09-14 20:19:03 / Rating: 772.25 /