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I stopped being depressed when I saw a snippet of the Jerry Springer episode entitled "It all ends with a pig", and I knew that my life wasnt that bad.

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2007-07-27 09:28:00 / Rating: 582.25 /


I whispered a short silent prayer as I hooked the antenna to my television and was suddenly blessed with immaculate reception.

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2007-03-19 09:45:32 / Rating: 532.5 /


I now work for the TV production company who produced the programme on which I met my wife.

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2006-09-11 10:40:22 / Rating: 569.25 /


I once believed that not only color television, but color itself, was invented in the late 1950s.

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2006-06-28 08:27:53 / Rating: 931.5 /