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Its started

It only took one week of kindergarten for my 3-year-old to come home and tell me that he is going to stab me and kill me.

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2011-05-11 15:47:22 / Rating: 545 /

Andy KO King

The only bone I've ever broken is someone else's nose.

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2010-02-01 11:17:03 / Rating: 426.75 /

Kasey carroll

My brothers tears covered his face, his eyelashes sticking together, as he stomped his foot down and demanded that my mother stop choking me.

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2010-01-22 09:07:00 / Rating: 637.75 /

a little bird

My Jewish family had a lovely Christmas dinner with a Muslim family talking about art, architecture, wine, and the world and yet there is still violence in the Middle East.

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2008-06-11 13:09:27 / Rating: 724.5 /


I often think it odd how one of my clearer childhood memories is of slapping my two year old brother's face as hard as my seven year old self could manage.

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2006-09-11 12:20:17 / Rating: 578 /