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a dad

Catching my sons vomit in my hand when he threw up last night made me realise just how far I would go for my children.

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2010-03-29 14:07:13 / Rating: 725 /


I spent the night of my cousin's wedding on an air mattress in my auntie's living room, taking turns with my little brother puking in a pot.

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2009-12-24 00:14:32 / Rating: 521.5 /


I once got barfed on by a baby during hour 3 of a 14-hour plane flight to Australia.

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2009-03-05 12:38:04 / Rating: 469.5 /


My eight year soccer career ended with me scoring my very first goal after which I promptly threw up.

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2009-01-28 12:24:14 / Rating: 455.75 /


I know "vomit-free since '08" isn't as cool as "vomit-free since '03," but I really didn't have a choice.

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2008-08-27 16:18:00 / Rating: 522.75 /


Imagine my surprise when my kindergarten deskmate tapped my on the shoulder only to vomit his afternoon milk and snack all over me.

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2008-08-19 14:25:19 / Rating: 557 /

Just another day

You know your life is crazy when you're cleaning vomit out of piercing holes in a stranger's bathroom.

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2008-06-09 12:11:42 / Rating: 393.75 /


As the vomit crawled up my throat I suddenly realized I was holding the barf bag upside down.

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2008-05-30 10:06:48 / Rating: 711.25 /


As soon as I left the office, I realized two things: I was going to throw up, and it would taste like peanut butter.

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2008-03-26 13:25:34 / Rating: 488 /


My prom date threw up on the prom queen.

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2008-01-31 12:05:43 / Rating: 522.25 /

Yes Sir, Yes Sir, 5 Bags Full

When I replied to the ferry operator, "No, I don't get seasick," my boyfriend looked at me incredulously, yet later with compassion when I used the barf bag for the fifth time during the two-hour catamaran ride to Heron Island.

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2007-10-25 10:21:16 / Rating: 583.5 /


Vomiting in the middle of a club was a mistake in itself, but then the biggest mistake of all i feel, was asking the man in the kebab shop if my breath stank.

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2007-08-12 17:00:00 / Rating: 507.25 /


We were getting along really well until I leaned over and vomited on his feet.

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2007-08-14 16:58:30 / Rating: 617.75 /


That was the day I learned that tacos don't mix with vodka and skydiving.

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2007-06-26 16:56:18 / Rating: 583.25 /

how i'd like to be credited

When making a film for English class, chocolate pudding works wonderfully as a substitute for poop, as does vegetable soup for vomit.

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2007-04-16 15:48:09 / Rating: 594 /

Leopold S.

Because I got alcohol poisoning 3 years ago, there is still dried vomit on the bottom of Stephen's trash can.

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2007-03-20 16:38:10 / Rating: 385 /


Joanne had already inserted her card in the ATM when she realised that the keypad had been liberally thrown up on.

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2006-09-13 13:31:26 / Rating: 703.5 /


I don't know if I would have stayed with him all night comforting him while he puked his guts out into the toilet if I'd known that he wouldn't remember it the next morning.

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2006-08-29 07:39:42 / Rating: 690 /


It was a mistake to leave Matt in the car to sober up, because it turns out he was in there puking a varitable mix of pure liquid alcohol and huge chunks of roast beef that made me ponder my chewing habits.

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2006-08-10 14:00:28 / Rating: 548 /