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He wrote a One Sentence about me in 2007, and now we're getting married on Friday.

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2010-11-18 10:29:30 / Rating: 853.25 /


She looked down at me where I knelt before her, engagement ring in hand, and replied, "Oh, don't ask me now, I've been such a bitch."

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2010-07-19 15:59:14 / Rating: 767 /


Today, our 2 week old daughter's onesie said "Will you marry my daddy?"

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2010-07-02 14:26:58 / Rating: 811.75 /


When I wrote the thank you cards for my wedding I also had to include thank yous for the condolences I received about my mothers passing.

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2010-02-17 15:59:08 / Rating: 277 /


I spent the night of my cousin's wedding on an air mattress in my auntie's living room, taking turns with my little brother puking in a pot.

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2009-12-24 00:14:32 / Rating: 521.25 /


Standing on the steps of the church where they'd just gotten married, my grandparents first heard that Pearl Harbor had been bombed and realized that they would soon be separated.

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2009-12-11 11:29:26 / Rating: 509.75 /


We walked into the emergency room looking like the top of a wedding cake and everyone stopped to look.

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2009-11-25 08:40:37 / Rating: 319.5 /

Rock Star

After divorcing my wife and marrying her best friend who was the maid of honor at the former wedding, my nephew married my ex-wife making her my niece.

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2009-11-06 14:28:48 / Rating: 725.5 /


No one would have guessed that the knife they used to cut the wedding cake would be exhibit C in the trail just 10 months later.

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2009-10-06 20:35:17 / Rating: 690.75 /

Sorry Mate

I had the entire best man's speech memorised but as I stood to deliver it someone handed me a stack of cards to read out and a dyslexic's panic made me forget everything.

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2009-10-05 14:57:31 / Rating: 328.75 /


He told me I would have to pay for my own wedding as he was packing for his 3 week cruise through Europe on a chartered yacht.

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2009-04-03 13:44:12 / Rating: 515 /


My wedding began after his ex-girlfriend was removed from the church and ended after I lit my veil on fire with the Unity candle.

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2009-01-12 15:23:47 / Rating: 899.25 /


I went to my father's second wedding tripping on acid and wasn't invited to his third.

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2008-10-28 11:15:43 / Rating: 909.5 /


"But people are coming to your house who DO eat meat!" shouted Bridezilla as we discussed the menu for her lingerie shower.

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2008-07-25 16:11:42 / Rating: 389.75 /


In a move of classic "girlyism," I Googled wedding photographers in your hometown, just in case.

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2008-07-25 00:16:38 / Rating: 620.25 /


We noticed we were wearing the same shirt during freshman English and 11 years later, he was the best man in my wedding.

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2008-05-22 12:33:12 / Rating: 709.25 /


Yesterday my four-year-old married his "girlfriend" and they shared a fruit muffin as their wedding cake.

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2008-05-01 14:27:14 / Rating: 1061.75 /

Not Your Personal Assistant

I started to have a panic attack about not really being in love with him anymore, but I still continued to make our wedding registry.

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2008-01-18 10:45:02 / Rating: 512.75 /


As I flipped through her wedding photos I realized that not every bride is beautiful.

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2007-07-03 17:10:31 / Rating: 476 /

At Least I'm Honest

Monogamy was never my forte.

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2007-06-26 16:57:25 / Rating: 755.75 /


A legend sang at my wedding.

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2006-08-31 18:00:26 / Rating: 535.5 /


On the day we were married it rained all day.

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2006-08-21 09:52:14 / Rating: 460.5 /


this one time at my best mates wedding i got drunk and broke lex's butt.

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2006-06-27 17:38:38 / Rating: 498.75 /